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Waves, breaks, curls, spray - we are captivated by the rhythms of the sea making its transition onto land. This set of images amplifies my own fascination with this border zone, and the surprising things that occur each second.

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Keywords:wave, water, curl, break, rip, tide, ocean, sea

Beach Foam Sunset 4Beach Foam Sunset 2Hanalei Bay VNo ShelterTongueEmerald Green I - Waves breaking on Kauai at the base of the cliffs of Maha'Ulepu.Inside Emerald GreenDaylight FoamPrinceville Wave Action - A tourist in an ultralight and a tow-in surfer enjoy a 30-foot wave in Hanalei Bay from very different perspectives.  December 2004.Wilder Blue II - Breaking wave in Wilder Ranch State Park, Santa Cruz, California.Golden BonitaMavericks EffectMavericks Effect IIMavericks Big Wave Surf competition in Half Moon Bay, California in January 2008.Hanalei Bay VII - Waves breaking along the north side of Hanalei Bay, as seen from the cliff.  November, 2008Hanalei Bay VIIIUnfavorable OddsRodeo Beach Wave--9066Rodeo Beach Wave--9084Rodeo Sunset Wave-1421