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Edges and transitions fascinate me. Lines of transition are where most of nature's excitement is visible. On December 31st, I watched the sunset from a beach on the spectacular Big Sur coast and saw the last sunset of the year morph into a moonless night. The next morning, dawned clear and blue with the eternal promise of a new day, month and year.

Sun watchers abounded at the well-known archway of many names. On New Year's Eve, it was a time portal with celebrants there to scatter ashes, mark an end, celebrate the rotation around the sun or marvel in the fear-inducing thunder of the mighty Pacific pouring through a small hole. I imagine it's a timeless ritual of witnessing the sun low on the horizon and wondering whether it will come up in the morning.

Under the stars the Pacific was pure menace. The beach has four breaks around the offshore rocks and the break can come from the west, north or south. The high tide line is about 2 feet up the distant cliff. What use is the maxim "never turn your back on the ocean" when it's invisible under a black sky. Cresting waves may be closer than the sound they make. This beach of transitions truly washes away everything every night and starts fresh in the morning. A couple of teenagers snuggle in a sleeping bag - forty feet up the cliff face. Sensibly they want to survive their celebration of the turn of the watch.

Dawn comes late to Pacific Ocean beaches set off by coastal mountains. The bright light of morning completes the transition and the cycle starts again. Meditators come, dogs get walked and honeymooners pose among the jetting tides. All of us drawn by the energy of this transitional place. One local summed it up to me saying "this is the place. This is the epicenter and all of these people from all over the world come to feel and be in this spot. They know."

Indeed we do. I hope you find your spots this year. Happy New Year and best wishes for your transitions and celebrations in 2014.

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