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Scapes. Landscapes, waterscapes, skyscapes - literal images more or less related to terra firma.

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Kilauea Volcano 61GBucolia"Triangles" - Converging mountainsides on the North Slope of the Brooks Range, Alaska.Aspen Circle - Winter time aspens glowing in morning sunlight in Colorado's Tennessee Pass on Highway 24 near Leadville.Point Reyes Full Moon-5325Fall Color GeeseNight Thunderstorm at Full Moon - 30-seond time exposure of the full moon sky in nighttime Rocky Mountain National Park as a wild thunderstorm approaches.  August 2009.Silhouette on Blue and GoldGolden ThicketRocky Mountain Double Rainbow - A double rainbow  over Grand Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.  August 2006.The Eye of God - Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National ParkFirehole Canyon Falls - The edge of the falls, revealed by slow motion.  Firehole River Falls, Yellowstone National Park, October 2009.Lower Falls RainbowMammoth Hot Springs Duck - Yellowstone National ParkArctic PuzzleMoonshine and Sunset DesertJupiter Over Bridalveil FallsPuddle FrostWinter Colors - Winter foliage along  creek outside Taos, New Mexico.  February 2008