17.Darren Klein(non-registered)
These are amazing photographs! Fantastic work!
5.Julie Stalknecht(non-registered)
You are amazing Steve! I am fascinated by eagles and I especially enjoyed that you tell the story of what was happening at the time under your photos. The whale shots....wow!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.
4.Kirstie Bennett(non-registered)
Great new work! Would love to show your photos at The Framer's Workshop.
3.Michele Seville(non-registered)
Steve, I just learned about your work from your sister, Diane. We just got together after many years. Your photographs are remarkable! I have seen a lot of nature photos, but yours are the best I've seen. They are gorgeous!
2.Sheri Johnson(non-registered)
You have a special ability to see the world and sky with so much sensitivity,your images are truly magnificent.
1.Ann Lefkovits(non-registered)
love all your work! I want to let the world know your work!
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