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A quick look at some of my current favorite images that resonate the most with me as an artist. I'm fascinated by the energy in each image and how it resonates over time. For me, these are some of the images that have the strongest vibe and go to why I make images.
Natural photography is more than a technical exercise, it's a search for connectedness among all life and natural things. One theory of life is that anything that naturally oscillates or produces or consumes energy in waves is alive. This is a collection of things that make waves with me.

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Totem Star CircleMendenhall Ice CavernSolar AbstractBottom of a RainbowMendenhall Ice Cavern - 7352Surface Articulation-6417Eternal LightBlue EarMonumental Night Sky700 YearsStone Cathedral (American) at NightHeart of the Milky WayMarriage Circle Under StarsGolden Boat Silhouette IIGolden Gate FogSilver LiningBerkeley Hills Sunset RaysAlcatraz Silhouette12-12-12 (Take 334)Surreal Sunset