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Blue whales - the largest animal on earth - are a serene presence. Endangered and rare, their presence is a gift to the nature watcher lucky enough to spot one. In May of 2016, at least 36 blue whales came into Monterey Bay to feed, close enough for human visitors. At 30 meters long and 150 tons, the grace of these mammals when cruising shallow water is a joy to behold. Like most marine mammals, I am fascinated by the hydrodynamics of the moment they reach the edge of the water. The water contorts to their shapes, flows easily around their bulk and allows light to highlight their beauty and efficiency as deep ocean dwellers.

Thank you to Specialized Heli, whose expertise made the trip possible and provided us with safe transport to see this beauty. And kudos to Blue Ocean Whale Watch for creating this ID chart that confirms the identity of at least 36 different blue whales in Monterey Bay.

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