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Abstract landscapes and natural phenomena.

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Mendenhall Ice CavernSolar AbstractSnow Pillows ISnow Geese AbstractionRoadside Reflection of Sky in GrassGreen Grass Thermal SpringBottom of a Rainbow"Red Diagonal" - Abstract of cactus growing in the garden of an Emeryville neighbor.Brink of the Falls"Gibbon Falls 7""Snow Pillows II"Snow Pillows IIIBlue Moon PuzzleYosemite Falls Abstract - Vertical"Desert River Oasis" - One of a series of aerial images adapted with a carbon-colored overlay to emphasize terrain features and natural patterns.Purple Maze I"Purple Maze II" - Blueberries, grasses, cushion plants and lichen create a surreal pattern in the Alaska tundra."Overlooking Alaskan Tundra""Aerial Mystery" - 69 north latitude along the Kongakut River, Alaska."Rock Portrait II"